If you're a lover of tights, it's no secret that washing them can be pretty tricky. If you wonder why your sheers end up looking faded, saggy, or you just want to know the best way to preserve your tights- keep scrolling below for insider tips on how to correctly wash them without ruining your favorite pair.

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Avoid the heat

If you love using hot water or heat in general when doing laundry then you need to stop when washing your tights. Heat is your tights worst enemy. The materials used in making tights don't really bond well with high temperatures. Synthetic materials such as olefin, Spandex, and materials made from Celiant fibers should always be washed in cold water. Rather than using direct heat such as radiators or even sunlight, tights should be air-dried. This is one of the best ways to make your tights last longer.washing, how to wash tights, washing machine

Go the manual route- Hand wash gently

Yup. Your tights need all the love and care they can get. What better way to do that than gently hand washing them. Here are some tips you can try while hand washing your tights- β€’ always use your hands to gently work in the detergent or any deodorizer you're using β€’To get out the excess water press the fabric against the side of the washing basin repeatedly Never ring out excess water from your tights no matter how tempting it may be. This could cause the tights to expand and lose their shape.

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Use a specific detergent

Tights are pretty selective materials and in turn, require specific detergent for washing them. Most materials used in making tights are sensitive that aren't cotton but are closer to plastic. A normal detergent wouldn't be able to get in between those close-knit fibers to kill the bacteria, remove dirt and eliminate the odor. This is primarily the reason why over time tights always end up with a particular smell no matter how much you wash them. To ensure your tights are dirt-free, odor-free, specific detergent like the hex, the laundress, etc, has been specially formulated for a more thorough clean.

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Don't pack on the soap

The notion the more soap the cleaner it would be isn't the best idea to take when washing your tights. Using too much detergent, no matter the type whether it's a normal detergent or even a specially formulated one it would leave behind excess residue that would cling to your tights and would hinder the durability of your tights, making them less soft and more faded. If you don't know how much detergent you should use then always follow the instructions at the back.

Always use cold water and never put your tights in a dryer

As we said before the heat can destroy your tights. Most materials can't withstand heat and as a result of that, your tights or any clothes for that matter that is not heat resistant might come out damaged. Hot water is not the only thing that can clean your clothes cold to warm water can still do just as well. To know what your tights would prefer best just check the label at the back. If you use a dryer ensure the dryer is on the air dry setting so your tights don't get ruined in the process since the hot dryers could damage stretchy fabric which is your tights and when you wear it, they no longer fit.

Lay them flat to air-dry

This is option is when your dryer does not have the air-dry setting or when you don't use it. When drying tights ensure to avoid using clips or pant hangers as it could leave a particular dent to your tights. If you used the hand wash method ensure the tight are not dripping wet before drying as this could also cause a warping effect - meaning your tights could bend or twist out of shape because of heat or dampness.

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Use a DIY mix using vinegar never gets old

Did you know that using a vinegar mix before washing your tights could eliminate the odor from them? Before tossing your tights into the wash, presoak them in a mix of cold water and 1/2 a cup of vinegar. This soak eliminates all lingering smells and odors from your tights. As vinegar is acidic it would attract alkaline components caused by sweat thereby giving you a clean, odorless pair of tights. Wash your tights often but don't let them run too long in the wash. Your tights are a clingy piece of material and they cling to sweat every day.



The best thing you can do for your tights is to always wash them regularly, but never run them for too long as this could cause the fabric to slack and you end up losing your precious. Overall, your tights shouldn't be ruined just because they need to be washed.

So, If you are still scared to wash your tights or if you feel you don't need to anymore. Just follow the tips above and I can assure you your next washing day would be as easy as it can be.