Italy’s where it’s at when it comes to quality tights. Gelato’s birthplace has been at the forefront of hosiery innovation and creation for hundreds of years, and that’s why we decided to manufacture our coveted pairs there. We’re completely obsessed and deeply involved with every tights-building step, from the recycled, fully traceable Italian threads to the emissionless factory that’s been certified for its commitment to environmental sustainability, ethical material sourcing, and safe and fair working conditions. 


Ever buy tights while shopping for toothpaste? No judgments here (we’ve all been there), but did they last? We wanted something better, to rid our wardrobe of unsustainable, run-and-done tights forever. So, as a love letter to Mother Earth, we created longer-lasting, eco-loving collants that come in 100% recyclable packaging. And we craft them with cruelty-free, recycled materials in a zero-waste factory that conserves and reuses water and energy and never uses hazardous chemicals or heavy metals (aka OEKO-TEX certified). Seriously. We don’t mess around—our latest sustainability initiative is an upcycling program for your well-worn tights. Let’s do this, Belles!

Upcycling Program

As you probably know, we’re (a lot) obsessed with the 3 R’s of sustainability: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. And we’re doing everything we can to lessen our tights-print on the environment. But we need to do better because billions of planet-polluting tights end up in landfills every year. To up our eco-conscious game, we’ve instituted an upcycling program that gives back to the community. 

Currently, there’s no way to make new tights from used tights, but there is a way for your old go-tos to go from well-worn fashion essential to modern art masterpiece. In every Les Belles package, you’ll find a label addressed to Materials for the Arts, a creative reuse center that provides free materials to NYC’s arts nonprofits, public schools and city agencies. Throw your old pairs in the (recyclable) mailer, attach the label and voila! Set your tights free to be imaginatively transformed.