Fishnets take the artworld by storm with Japanese photographer, Daido Moriyama

One of Japan’s most iconic photographers, Daido Moriyama absolutely loved fishnets. Creating several erotically charged photo series revolving around the black knitted tights. Before his work with fishnets, Moryama grew his portfolio with street photography. Documenting 1960s Tokyo, he captured robust images of post war cultural change and urban chaos in a captivating and expressive style.

Moriyama’s work exploded after his 1986 fishnets series, How to Create a Beautiful Photograph, which like a majority of the artist’s work, was inspired by his surroundings. “One day I was drinking coffee with my girlfriend when I caught a glimpse of her legs, which happened to be in stockings with fishnet tights over the top. I immediately started taking photographs.” The sight of fishnets pressed into the skin sparked imagination in the artist and led to a powerful series guaranteed to evoke a variety of emotions in the viewer.

The subject matter dominates the whole composition throughout the series, emphasizing the intricate and beautiful patterns fishnets create on the body. The magnified view of entangled legs creates assertive imagery guaranteed to hold the viewer's attention. Erotic undertones and play on exposure and concealment, acts as a fitting metaphor for the suppressed sexuality in Japanese culture at the time.  

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