How Tights Add Flare to Winter Outfits: InStyle

Les Belles was recently featured on InStyle’s style round-up, 14 Sweater Dress Outfits to Wear This Winter…and we are thrilled

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If autumn is the start of sweater weather, by wintertime, we're well into sweater dress season. Think about it: The combination of back-to-back holidays and chilly temperatures call for looks that are comfortable, classic, and warm, right? Well, no ensemble achieves those qualities quite like sweater dress outfits. In fact, this cozy wardrobe staple is one you can get away with wearing from now until spring, and with a few key styling tricks, it's possible to make sweater dresses feel fresh and fashion-forward.

Sweater dresses are essentially an outfit in and of themselves, which is exactly why we love them. A done-in-one article of clothing, they can be worn as-is or amped up with a few small additions, ensuring you'll look fabulous with minimal effort.

That being said, any sort of effort you do put into accessorizing will determine the number of looks you can get out of just one dress — and you might just find that these babies are even more versatile than you thought. To prove it, we scoured Instagram to find a few examples of how influencers are styling this quintessential winter piece. Scroll and learn.

Go Traditional With Tights

Weather forecasts can be frustrating in autumn. One minute you're chilly and the next, you're sweating. Rather than layer on bulky pieces, these days call for balance, like wearing a long-sleeved sweater dress with a pair of breathable tights. This way, your legs stay cool while the rest of you stays comfortably cozy. Plus, tights come in an assortment of colors and fun patterns these days (we especially love this polka dot pair from Les Belles), so while pantyhose might feel traditional, it doesn't have to look the part.


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