Icons Only

The LGBTQIA+ community has a rich history of bold leaders spreading enlightenment and creating positive change. Through music, movies, powerful words and ICONIQUE fashion these icons have opened minds and hearts all over the world. In honor of pride month we’ve rounded up a few of our fav stars and how you can dress like them. Because, dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

First up! Elton John and the highly memorable sparkle on sparkle baseball outfit. The look first made an appearance in 1975 on his North American tour and was an instant success. Fans loved the flamboyant singer juxtaposed with Americana sports and Elton bought back this crowd pleaser on several different occasions. Recreate this look yourself with a sequin jumpsuit and top off with navy jewelry as ode to the Dodgers colors. Add a hint of baseball with a cap and sneakers. Finish off with Elton’s signature oversized sunglasses and of course a little Semi Bleu.

Next we have Judy Garland. The Wizard of OZs’ Dorothy was a true star on and off the camera. Her personal creativity and outlandish style led her to be one of the founders of camp aesthetic. Fans of the icon were dubbed members of “Judyism” and in the 1950s discrete code for asking if someone was gay was “friend of Dorothy?” 

The poppy dress, worn by Judy on The Judy Garland Show was a homage to the Wizard of Oz, a film she referenced often. To recreate this look, pair a sequin dress, preferable floral print with Semi Rouge to reference the bold red hued poppies. Add a kitten heel for a retro look and a swipe of creamy blue eyeshadow and you are set to head over the rainbow. 

You cannot have any sort of icon list without including the fabulous MADONNNAAAA. The queen of pop broke down taboos and celebrated homosexuality in her music aiding in bringing queerness to the mainstream. The pop star is well known for the 1980s “Like a Virgin” dress worn to her first award show. Give this very retro look an update by pairing a tulle skirt with a classic rib knit tank top, bonus points for cut outs. Sex it up with a super tall heel and a pair of Thigh High Blanc.

Last but certainly not least, the lead singer of Queen and king of camp, Freddie Mercury. His incredibly vivacious stage presence and colorful personality stole the hearts of people everywhere. Often donned in wild outfits, it's safe to say Freddie loved a sequin. To bring the rockstars look into everyday life, pair a shimmery tee with a distressed denim short. Layer on some Fishnets for a rock and roll edge. Finish with a casual sneaker and some chunky silver jewelry for a look that says “we will rock you”