It's Barbie's World

The recent release of the Barbie movie trailer has created an internet explosion of pink pastels and 90s nostalgia. Greta Gerwig’s live action phenomenon starring the iconic Margot Robbie is packed with adorable storytelling, incredible costuming and of course, a hot pink convertible. But what's garnering the most attention? Barbie and Ken's killer looks. The well regarded and Oscar-winning costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, is responsible for the creation of the stylish and very on brand ensembles. In celebration of this Mattel masterpiece, we broke down a few of our favorite Barbie and Ken looks and how to recreate them using tights.


The first looks of the movie were released by poparatzi when filming on set. The leaked images of a bubbly neon spandex rollerblading scene with A list celebs Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie was a paparazzi gold mine. To DIY this look yourself, pair a neon bike short with a neon bodysuit. Lean towards solid colors i.e. more colorblocking to keep the outfit from becoming too costume forward. Add a pair of Sheer Naturel to keep your assets covered and an extra layer of protection incase of falls. Obviously you’ll need a ridiculously fun pair of rollerblades and sunglasses to match. Finish this look off with more color on nails and accessories. Make sure to drink water and pack snacks!


In the trailer we catch a glimpse of heart throb Ken aka Ryan Gosling, in a lavender denim look. Ken is seen sporting a denim sleeveless jacket with a matching pair of jeans. But the icing on the cake is the Ken logo waistband boxers peeking out from the top of his jeans. To recreate this look yourself, pair a lavender cut off denim jacket with a subtle colored jean. Sub another pair of jeans to keep the look from becoming too matchy. Layer on Semi Lilas under the jeans and roll up the cuff to add a nod to the lavender vest. Stay on theme with a chunky pastel sneaker and add your favorite light colored sunglasses. If you’re feeling a little extra, add on some pearl jewelry.CLASSIC BARBIE

Margot Robbie looks like the classic barbie we all know and love while sitting in her hot pink convertible in a strippey polka dot outfit. For this quintessential look, pair your most adorable little striped dress [bonus points for super A line] with a matchy matchy polka dot headband. Layer on a pair of Bow Blanc to give a feminine touch. And obviously this look is screaming for a pair of white heart shaped sunglasses. Keep the shoes more traditional in the customary Barbie shaped pump, but maybe a little more bold with accessories. If you own a rhinestone encrusted heart clutch, this is the time to pull her out. Finish with a few pops of baby pink and you’re all set to hop in that Babriemobile.


Simu Liu is a pastel Ken dream in the beach scene. Sporting a soft printed button down and a matching pair of shorts, this Ken is prim proper and ready for Barbie’s beach party. To recreate this Ken, grab a mellow and muted button down and pair with a short. You can wear a button down short set, or just go with a complementary colored print on the bottom. Muted accessories are a must and don't forget your sunglasses. The sun shines very bright in Barbie’s world. This look is a perfect opportunity to wear your favorite colored Pop Socks. Make sure to wear lots of sunblock and of course, have fun!