LES REBELLES #002: Sammi Garett, the singer song writer and all around musical maven

In the heart of the indie music scene, where creativity intertwines with passion and talent, presents a figure whose melodies echo through the very soul of her listeners. Meet Sammi Garett, one of the enchanting voices behind the Pop, Funk, House, Disco, and R&B band Cool Cool Cool.  

The Spotify verified artist brings a unique blend of raw emotion and musical finesse to the forefront of the stage. Her U.S. touring band crafts a sonic journey rich with eclectic notes of horns, animated synths, powerful female vocals and a certain je ne se quoi you really need to see in person to understand.  

Join us as we delve into the depths of Sammi Garett’s artistry, exploring the melodies, meanings, and magic behind the music that defines her band Cool Cool Cool.

You have toured ALL over with your last band Turkuaz and now your latest group Cool Cool Cool. Where would you say is your favorite place you’ve ever played?

Japan was one of the first places we toured internationally and the whole trip was incredibly magical. We arrived a few days prior to our show so were able to take some time to really see Tokyo. During our performance at the Blue Note Theater the overall vibe was a little different then what you generally experience in the US. In Japan, the people are very kind, respectful and calm which was mimicked in the audience. The crowd was seated, less rowdy and dancy then what you see in America. But even though the audience was sitting down, you could tell they were extremely engaged and listening intently. It was overall just an incredible experience. 

What's next for Sammi Garett? What a major accomplishment for your musical career you’d like to see in the next year or so?

I absolutely love touring and life on the road. I want to keep playing live music and living in the moment. My band, Cool Cool Cool, is putting together an album in the near future. This will be our first album together, which is really exciting and a lot of work. But overall I'm looking to continue to keep putting more work out, as much as I can. Just keep constantly making music. 

The band is very very much a family. [Actually, a little bit literally, my husband is in the band with me.] Which is really nice, we all write music together, brainstorm, and record together. It's an extremely collaborative environment which I think shows in our music. I’m really so grateful for my life and for the fact I can make my artistry for a living.

Most people in general don't understand or know the loud and vibrant sensation of what it's like to perform in front of a huge audience. Can you describe what that feels in detail?

It's definitely a very vulnerable and personal experience. I get extremely nervous before all shows. My music is my most inner personal art and I am so sensitive and protective of it. You don't know if the crowd will love or hate it, so going out on stage to vivaciously and loudly present my work is an incredible humbling experience. It doesn't matter if I'm playing in front of 2 people or 20,000 people. It's all the same to me. I still get really nervous and I still get scared. And regardless of audience size I still need to give the audience my all 100%. Thats very important to me.

People took time from their lives to see music, my music, and I want to bring happiness and joy into that moment for them. As musicians we have the ability to change moods and uplift lives. They come to see us regardless of what they’re going through, a hard day, a break up or whatever it is. And they support us so I need to support them back to the best of my ability. It's a very symbiotic relationship.

But to pinpoint that of what it's like to preform on stage. I like to describe it as, It's kind of like when you walk into a bar and a bunch of your friends are there and they’re super excited to see you, your name being yelled across the room and just immersed in joy. It's quite similar to that situation.

Our signature question at Les Belles, when do you feel most beautiful?

I really love the process of getting ready before a show. I revel in the moment of picking outfits and doing my makeup. It's an incredibly meditative process, like getting into character, and really aids in putting myself in the right headspace.

I use clothes and make up to transform myself from Sammi to a full fledged performer. I think the little details I add, whether it be funky fishnets or ulta glitter makeup adds to the show. Taking control of my appearance and being able to change my look constantly is something I really revel in. It's a really powerful feeling to be able to express myself and change my appearance as often as I want.

You tour and travel a lot with your band. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of being a badass on the road?

There are no least favorite parts, I never realized how many parts I would love. I have a lot of family spread out across the country so it's really nice how often I'm able to visit. That's definitely one of my favorite upsides. Since my husband, Greg, is in the band as well, I don't have to be apart from him which helps with all the traveling as well. And Greg is a very calm and tranquil person, when I'm feeling overwhelmed, he always brings me back down and reminds me everything is actually okay. Also fortunately, the band, like I mentioned earlier, is very very family oriented. I get to travel around the country with my favorite people, my family, I really have no complaints.

I also really love meeting a ton of different people that show up to our tour. I run the merch tables after the show and I just have SO MUCH FUN chatting with our fans. Hearing how they found us,liked the show, all sorts of really unique feedback. They’re always so excited to meet me at the merch table and it's just such a wild feeling. I’m very grateful. 

Side question. When you’re on tour for so long how do you do laundry?

Most venues have a laundry facility for their own operational needs and they’re very cool about letting us throw in a few loads of our own clothes.