Pride Series: Jackie & Sarah

Jackie and Sarah met on a blind date about 12 years ago. It was an instant, strong connection that led to a loving relationship rooted in trust and loyalty. Since their first encounter, the couple have navigated life in New York together as a queer couple. The two share their thoughts on what Pride means to them and how they plan on celebrating.

Who are your pride icons?
Sarah: I would have to go with my uncle Mickey. He was the first person I knew in New York. After I moved here I would go to his apartment all the time. Mickey and his husband were just absolutely fabulous. The kind of people where I'd come home at two am and they’d just be sitting there and just start shaking me a martini, more often than not the martinis would turn into dance parties. Mickey would sit me down and give me the full rundown of moving to New York and what to expect, the whole nitty gritty, never spared a single detail. I am very fortunate to have had someone like him in my life. Learned a ton from him but most importantly the unconditional love I received was unmatched.
Jackie: I also loved uncle Mickey and want to choose him as well. But if I have to pick my own person I think I would go with Melissa Etheridge. Firstly, I am just a huge fan of her music. Her very smokey soulful sound really speaks to me. Her song “Come To My Window” is fantastic and I highly recommend checking it out. Other then her music she's been an important activist for gay and lesbian topics for a very long time. She’s a very respectable person and I look up to her a lot.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Jackie: This is a tough question… but if I really need to pinpoint a certain moment I would say it when I'm at the beach. The sound and smell of the ocean really sweeps me off my feet. It's an extremely meditative place where all my insecurities wash away and leave me feeling very at peace with myself.

Sarah: I agree this is a tough question! I think for similar reasons as Jackie, but my place of euphoria is whenever we have a really good jazz record on. The calming sound of the smooth melody really melts away all your problems. It makes me feel incredibly beautiful on a more spiritual level. 

What are your plans for pride this year?

Jackie: The Pride parade is my favorite day of the year. I don't like staying out too late, but Sarah will go all night. We’ll definitely go to the parade for a bit but afterwards I'd like to grab a drink somewhere a bit more low key. I also love the vibe at Washington Square Park. That's where the best party is. 

Sarah: I love pride, it's an absolute blast. We will most definitely be going to the parade. I do like to spend the day with a tight knit group of our closest friends. It's hard to say where the day will take us, there's really so many possibilities.

What does pride mean to you?

Sarah: Pride to me is about finding family in a group of strangers. All different people coming together and creating this united feeling of love and strength. One year my mom and sisters got together and sent me a picture of them all wearing pride tee shirts and wished me a happy pride. That's what it's about, sharing and sending love.

Jackie: Pride definitely revolves around the parade, it's about the parade. I’ve gone every year for about 15 years. I went to my first pride with my first girlfriend and it's always been an incredible time. It amazes me to watch the celebration increase each year which of course parallels the increase in consumerism and pop culture. We all complain about pride becoming commercialized but this is what we wanted. We wanted queers to become mainstream and be able to live our lives in peace like straight people. Straight lives are commercialized too, it's just part of becoming accepted on a mass level.