The Hero of Winter Fashion - Colorful Tights

The winter months can be tough for most, with shorter days and colder temperatures taking a toll on our mood. Many of us experience the winter blues, but fear not – there's a stylish solution that's as practical as it is mood-lifting. Adding vivacious colors to your surroundings can simultaneously uplift your look and your spirit. We have a few game changing tips for combating seasonal sad in creative ways ahead.  

As the days get shorter and sunlight becomes scarce, it's not uncommon to experience the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The lack of light partnered with blistering cold conditional, aiding in isolating behaviors like staying inside, can really wear on a person. Increasing time spent inside avoiding bitter temperatures discourages outdoor activities and social interaction. This can lead to limited physical movement and social isolation. Feelings of lethargy, loneliness and lack of motivation can increase. But social butterflies need to flap their wings.Fear not! Adding hints of colorful hues to your wardrobe will combat your SAD. Take a fascinating journey into the psychology of colors. Wearing warm tone colors can actually make you feel warmer. Covering your body in vibrant hues like red, pink, orange, yellow can trick the brain into thinking your body is sincerely warm. Fascinating, I know. These colors instinctively make the mind drift towards thoughts of fire, sun, hot sand, ect. Then enters the hero of winter fashion - colorful tights. Particularly opaque, higher denure tights allow for literal warmth while bright warm colors trick the mind into mentally being warm. Ultra stretch knitted nylon allows for seamless and simple layering possibilities. Pile on several pairs to heat it up harder. A simple and stylish solution to combating wonder gloom. Slater on a vivid red or possible a more subtle pink under a knit skirt of cropped wool pant for boom instant hot.