Discovering Passions with Jarry Lee

Jack of all trades, triple threat, and striking all flawlessly describe model, actress, and former Buzzfeed editor, Jarry Lee. Having starred on Netflix’s Dating Around, you can also catch Jarry on many campaigns with Lancôme, Bobbi Brown, and Revlon. It’s no secret the NYU alumni thrives on discovering her passions and transforming them into reality. From guilty pleasures, future projects, and a cooking blog, Les Belles got the inside scoop on Jarry Lee and her very creative life. 

You transitioned from being the writer to the one being written about. What inspired you to pivot into the modeling and acting industries?

I was experiencing burnout after working as an editor at BuzzFeed for 3+ years, and remembered how much I had enjoyed acting in school (and performing and writing in a playwriting festival), so I decided to try pursuing it as a hobby in New York. Acting was invigorating and re-energized me, and I accidentally started modeling a few months later as well after being asked to walk in a NYFW show in honor of the #MeToo movement. By mid-2018, I changed careers to focus on acting and modeling full-time because of schedule conflicts from bookings. There’s also something to be said about the fulfilment that comes from rediscovering one’s passions!

 At Les Belles, we firmly believe in individuality. How would you describe your individuality in 3 words and why?

Driven, confident, adventurous — these are 3 words that I believe are at the core of my personality and success in my career and personal life.

Our mantra at Les Belles is all about feeling beautiful, inside and out. Can you tell us when you feel the most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when taking care of myself — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With how hectic modern life can be, we often forget to adequately take care of our bodies and minds. I love skincare, exercise routines, and mindfulness exercises to re-center and recharge.


What has been your favorite project thus far and can we expect anything exciting in the works?

It’s so difficult to pick one favorite! A couple favorites include working with Bobbi Brown on a shoot for her lifestyle brand Evolution_18 because she’s such an icon, and getting to speak about bisexuality on Netflix show Dating Around. I have an upcoming cover with L’Officiel Magazine that I’m excited about, and am currently working on season 4 of a show I’m starring in. Upcoming personal projects include a new music album, a new painting, and the launch of my jewelry brand PSYCHO KITSCH. 

What motivates you to create?

Motivation and inspiration comes and goes, but overall I think my creative energy comes from a burning desire to do and experience everything in life! In that way, I can be a pretty stereotypical Aries.

If you could design a pair of tights, what would it look like & how would you style them?

I love bold colors and prints so I would probably design semi-sheer floral tights! I would style them with structured dresses (like blazer dresses), or under shorts with a boxy jacket.

What does self-care look like for you? Has it become more or less important in the last year?

As I touched upon earlier, self-care is critically important, and even more so over the last year! With the stresses that the pandemic has brought upon us, we need to pay extra attention to how we treat ourselves. I’ve tried to incorporate more water and vitamins into my diet, and have noticed a huge difference. I’ve also expanded my skincare routine, and have made an effort to dedicate more time weekly to being active and outdoors.

What are your current thoughts on social media and how do you keep your audience engaged?

Social media can be an amazingly useful tool for one’s personal brand or business, and that’s mostly how I treat it. Of course, it’s also fantastic for networking or maintaining connections within a community, but for creatives I think its strongest use is as a visual portfolio. I keep my audience engaged by asking for their input on my daily life and decisions — whether big or small. Running polls and seeing what my followers choose can be really interesting!

We love your cooking blog. Do you enjoy the preparation or the actual eating more? What’s your favorite thing to cook right now?

Thank you! I enjoy plating more than prep, and I enjoy eating most of all! My favorite thing to cook is actually a smoothie, if that counts — I make them daily for my partner and myself with baby spinach, pineapple, strawberries, bananas, and water. It’s surprisingly filling, and a refreshing way to start the morning.

Any guilty pleasures?

I love watching semi-trashy TV shows about magic and magic schools! I also have a sweet tooth and enjoy sour candies, orange soda, and diet Coke.