We can't get enough of this fall trend: Men In Skirts

Many attribute the rise of the masculine physique boasting barelegs adorned with flowing fabrics to Billy Porter. At the 2019 Oscar’s, Porter arrived in a dramatic tuxedo inspired ball gown. The long train, rich velvet fabric and voluminous silhouette made a serious statement. One that made a wave through the fashion industry. The Christian Siriano gown was a bold and beautiful display of gender fluidity that certainly got people talking. “You don’t have to understand or even agree with other people’s authenticity or truths, but we must all respect each other,” Porter told Vogue in 2019. “People are going to be really uncomfortable with my Black ass in a ball gown—but it’s not anybody’s business but mine.”Of course, before there was Billy Porter, men wore skirts for many centuries. The most well known examples would be the Scottish kilt or the Indian Mundu. Even in the 90s, designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood would dress their male models in skirts to flaunt down the runway. But men in skirts in today's landscape have become increasingly prevalent in totally new ways.Sure, the uprise has been most prevalent among bravado celebrities like Harry Styles, Kanye West, Marc Jacobs, ect. And outside celebrities the fad is generally isolated to the trendy elites, fashion week regulars and stylish risk takers. However, this fad is certainly gaining steam and has potential to have real staying power. Why should men be declined to enjoy the breeze between the knees on a hot summer day? Why is this very common article of clothing gendered in the first place?The taboo of men in skirts can be parallelled to the time when it was considered unorthodox for women to wear pants. A phenomenon that would be considered unimaginable in the present day. Flash forward to the future, we picture men to have closets filled to the brim with skirts of all kinds. Grabbing one off the floor as they run out the door running late to work. A crisp ivory cotton midi on a hot day while sipping cocktails at a chic local bar. Lets just say, we’re optimistic and hopeful about the rise of men in skirts.