We regret to inform you pants are over

Late last year it girl and beauty brand mogul, Kylie Jenner, stirred up an uproar when caught street style sporting a pair of opaque tights as PANTS. And frankly -  it looked good. Since then a slew of celebrities and fashion elite have strutted through the streets flashing lots of leg. The nearly naked look is now trending on twitter and tik tok with fashion influencers fully captivated by the simple but bold wardrobe choice. However, it was when Kendal Jenner recently absolutely nailed the look that led this trend to really blow up.

Kendal Jenner casually strolls through Los Angeles looking effortlessly chic in a pair of what looks like a simple black panty. The look is tied together with a navy cable knit sweater and a very classic slingback pointed toe heel. A simple black leather woven clutch with gold tone hardware grazes past her thigh. And oversized bouquet of sunflowers is really just icing on the cake. But what really makes this look noteworthy is? The tights. Opaque enough to offer coverage but a hint of sheer to highlight these are tights, not leggings. The tights are the star of the look here.

If you’re looking to DIY this look, we have a few tips to really nail this look. The key is to keep things super simple and allow the black opaque to be the star. A monochromatic color palette and minimal jewelry will go a long way on this one. Start with a great, well fitting bodysuit, make sure to pull one with a really full back and nice coverage, keep it classy. Maybe even a turtleneck bodysuit to peek out the top of a sweater if you’d like to add some interesting detail. Opt for black or a dark navy, the dark colors will aid in keeping the wearable for outerwear. Tons of color just isn't your friend on this one.

Once your bodysuit is sorted, layer on a slubby sweater, a faux fur jacket or maybe an oversized boxy blazer. It's important to add texture and a bit of coverage to keep from looking like you’re wearing a skin tight leotard, this fashion, not a dance recital. An oversized top layer will add a nice balance to the otherwise form fitting base layer. Keep the colors and silhouettes super simple and lean into the chic soho loft vibe. If you'd like to add more drama, try a plaid blazer or maybe even a faux fur collar. Go ahead, have fun with it.

Finish off your outfit with a few accessories, but not too many. A large lapis beaded choker or a long thing gold chain with a minimal pendant is a great idea. A little heel to highlight your gorgeous legs but keep them really strappy with thin details. A chunky but little leather clutch, maybe even shearling is perfect. You can even top off with a dainty little pearl ankle, but then stop there. This is really a great opportunity for the rule, take one accessory off before leaving the house.

So as it seems, no pants? No problem. Check out our selection of tights that might even replace your pants for good.