What does your favorite color say about you?

Our favorite colors hold a deeper meaning than you might expect. Color psychology, a particularly fun and vibrant sector of behavioral psychology, suggests our color preferences are strong indicators of our personality and behavior. This science suggests our preferred favorite hues are not necessarily a conscious decision but an instinctual one. Your personality colors are powerful indicators of your strengths, weaknesses, deeper needs and overall sheds light on characteristics of our true selves you may not be aware of. 

It is imperative to note before we dive head first into the color wheel; there are no superior colors or personalities. The spectrum is full of all different, but all beautiful colors and shades. Each hue has positive and negative traits, and most likely you have more than one favorite color, which is perfectly fine. Follow along both colors for deeper insight into what makes you, well you. Additionally, it's important to mention, your color may not be what you wear most of the time, but rather what color you're most drawn to. It's the one that makes you feel  most comfortable, alive and excited. Don't overthink this, follow your gut instinct to pick your colors.

And in the same train of thought, you might dislike a color. Which could mean you have opposite personality traits. This can also lead to powerful insight deeper into your true self, more specifically, about your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This information can enlighten you on areas you may want to avoid or have trauma around. You the information as you see you fit learn a little more about yourself via colour! So black is your favorite color, you say? Then you probably lean more conservative, are extremely independent and keep things close to your chest. You are heavily guarded and don't let people in easily which leads to coming off a bit mysterious.

You strive for order, control and power while maintaining a sophisticated air without being overly arrogant. You probably have excellent manners and expect the same from others. Your posh well dressed exterior may be heavily guarded but your interior is vulnerable and a little insecure. You maintain a distance from others to keep from revealing your weaknesses. 

On the flip side, if you dislike black you’re most likely quite opposite. You have a large friend group you overshare with, you're told TMI on a regular basis. You’re incredibly jovial and cheery and not afraid to make mistakes because your happy-go-lucky attitude tells you mistakes are an excellent learning experience.Those with affection for pink are incredibly warm, loving and consistently go above and beyond to help others. You’re known as the perfect shoulder to lean on. You put others before yourself and have a sixth sense about when someone is in need. Overall you’re charming soul is pure and you’re genuinely a good person. The world needs more pink souls. However, you need to be careful to not give too much of yourself away. It's easy to get swept up in giving and lose yourself in the process. Your pure heart makes you a vulnerable target to be taken advantage of. 

Valentine’s day is your favorite holiday, and not just because of all the pink, you’re a hopeless romantic that's seen every rom com. You desire to be loved as deeply as you give love. Incredibly affectionate and desperate for recognition, you need a lot of attention and care. Being a hopeless romantic and seeing the world through heart shaped glasses can cause you to be a bit naive and immature. Most likely you need to learn to be more independent and self-sufficient with your emotional support.

You hate pink you say? Then you’re mostly like a very pragmatic person with your feet firmly planted on the ground. You understand you need to look out for yourself first and foremost and value your independence. Definitely a put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others kind of person. Nurturing would not be an adjective your friends use to describe you.Charismatic and creative people have a tendency to love all shades of purple. If this is your color then you’re strong, secure and a bit intense; you definitely stand out in a crowd. Your independent spirit leads you to enjoy time spent alone and have tendencies to be a bit shy. You’re sensitive and spirited and although you like personal space you would never let down a friend in need. Your hypersensitivity leads you to be incredibly intuitive, possibly even to the point of some psychic abilities. You’re drawn to spiritual growth.

Your sensitivity and intuition lead you to be a highly creative individual with strong artistic talents. Your bold and active imagination make you a visionary with incredible artistic potential. Whatever your medium may be from writing to photography to poetry, you excel in the arts. You’re an idealist possessing larger than life dreams are looked up to by those in your social circle.

For those who dislike the color purple, you possess more practical and down to earth characteristics. You like to follow rules and societal norms, you don't even jaywalk. You have conservative tendencies and are always on time, you find tardiness to be quite rude. You thrive in a fast paced society and are very extroverted. You dislike purple to the point where you find it intimidating.Those with heightened levels of mental clarity and calmness tend to have an affinity towards the color white. If you love the lighter than air spiritual color, then your personality traits probably include genuinity, straightforwardness and heightened organization skills. You are generally very optimistic and tend to be a light hearted person.

An important characteristic of this color is its representation of new beginnings. Rarely will you find this to be a child's favorite as this color tends to find people in transitional phases of their life. With love for white, comes preparation for new adventures and seeking mental clarity. 

For those with balanced and clear minds, white might not be your color. Those who dislike the color are as you would guess, quite opposite. You don't mind a bit of clutter and tidiness aren't your strong suit. You are impulsive and spontaneous, just doing before considering the consequences. For this outgoing lively character, you most likely find the color far too dull.The most popular color on the wheel is blue. Loved by optimists and transcendentalists, this color relates to those with serene spirits. If this is your color then you are a responsible individual who is committed to self improvement and bettering your life. You are trustworthy, reliable and make an incredible companion. Your listening skills are impeccable and your heart of gold is always honest; your friends value their friendship with you. 

Unlike the color opposite the color wheel, orange, you are very consistent and don't crave change. So much so you can come off rigid and inflexible. You know what you like and sick to it. Spontaneous ventures are unlikely to happen because you avoid them. You like your route filled with organization and harmony. 

On the other hand, those who dislike blue have more lenient and mild personalities. If blue is not for you, it's possible you become easily overwhelmed with lots of responsibilities. Open minded and out of box thinking leads you to crave new experiences and adventure. You never take the same road home twice and fill your calendar with activities. You dislike blue to the point where it makes you feel melancholy.