3D Knitted Tights for All Genders

Yes, 3D knitted tights deserve all the hype. Why? Because they fit any body shape or type, and … any gender! 

Les Belles, the new tights brand featured in Vogue, Elle and Glamour, brings luxurious tights to any body. Curvy or skinny, male or female – these tights were 3D knitted in Italy to fit just like your second skin. The vibrant patterns and seamless designs have gained hundreds of exceptional reviews for both the comfort and looks. 


But the popularity of Les Belles caused unexpected issues. The inventory sold out four times in 2022! The male and female customers were a little too enthusiastic to try these premium tights at such an affordable price. 

The innovation of Les Belles did not stop at 3D knitting. 

“The fabric is made from 100% recycled yarn, and we recently added anti-rip technology for extra durability”, said CEO, Cecile Antier. “And our new high-waistband models are extremely popular for those looking for extra support! We are on a mission to make the best tights ever made”.

Check out the new styles from Les Belles here ➜