Our Story

Bonjour, Belle. I’m Cecile. I like my coffee black, my tights seamless and my spirit unstifled. I’m a mother, fashion lover, former lawyer and proud founder & CEO of Les Belles. 

Back in my lawyer days, I wasn’t my whole self, hiding certain quirks to better fit in. I craved more space to be me—my strong, curious, creative self—so I launched a norm-breaking brand that stands for self-love, self-expression and the freedom to just be. 

Born and raised in France, I’ve been wearing collants (that’s French for tights) for as long as I can remember. They’re a French woman’s wardrobe staple and central to my own fashion story. I wear them for me, for my own pleasure, to add power to a suit or sensuality to my sneakers. And I want every body to experience the same freedom. At an affordable price.


Can a great pair of collants really set you free? Oui, 100%. Think smooth, buttery-soft (recycled!) Italian material moving with you, not against you, melting into skin to lift your spirits and worship your derrière. Made to outlast all pairs you’ve ever loved, loathed or longed for at a doable, pocket-friendly price.

Meticulously crafted for every gender, size, shape and personality in an ethical, eco-conscious factory that won’t let Mother Earth’s resources or your money go to waste. 


We make ’em like they used to—ultraluxe and robust—but with sustainability, inclusivity, affordability and social responsibility in mind.

Quality’s top priority. We’ve spent months testing our tights on dozens of women and men over and over again to build a superior, matchless product at a direct-to-Belle price that won’t break the bank.

And with 3D-knit technology, recycled materials and innovative designs, we’ve merged science and fashion to create cruelty-free collants that not only look good and feel amazing, but last longer than your first heartache.

You’ll never find single-use in our vocabulary. Durability is key to sustainability, and we will always strive to do better. 


The beauty of Les Belles: a little mischievous, a lot independent. A leader—admired, followed—emboldened to speak the truth and bend (or break) the rules. Forever inclusive, never conventional.

Charming. Witty. Fierce. Intoxicating. A rebel without a care for filters, dated standards, control tops or toxic relationships. A free spirit from waist to toes and beyond. No need to fit in, squeeze in or suck in. Free to be unapologetically you.