5 Gender Neutral Halloween Costume ideas

Struggling to find a last-minute Halloween costume? Well, no need to fear. Les Belles put together a spooky list of gender neutral costume ideas guaranteed to turn heads this Halloween.

Halloween is all about expressing yourself freely and confidently and we’re here to support your truth and wildest fantasies. Keep scrolling to discover epic looks featuring our sheers for you and everyone you know. No labels, no seams, no problems.

Be who you want: Superheroes & Villains 

Regardless of gender, everyone is a superhero. Hundreds of epic superheroes to choose from and you can be whatever you heart desires. What’s even better? These costumes unleash nostalgia and imagination, allowing you to create a special version of a classic hero or a favorite villain.

Nightmare Before Christmas

A Halloween and Christmas classic, this costume welcomes all. From suites to skirts, you can dress as whoever you want, however you want.

Our fish-net sheers make the perfect addition to this spooky fit.




A Witch: Because why not?

Who wouldn’t want to be a super chic witch with magical potions and a broom? Witch costumes are easy and fun to re-create. You can put your own special twist to it and top the look off with a pair of Les Belles sheers. 

Skeleton: Feel right at home.

This coustume idea is perfect for families and groups of people. I mean, what’s more neutral than a skeleton? The skeleton costume has infinite possibilities—add funky tights, paint your face, or wear a onesie— you can’t go wrong and we’re rooting for you and your bones. 

 Alien: Out of this world costume…

Alien costumes are a perfect go-to look for Halloween. You can be as eccentric as you want; from green paint, silver outfits, and unique headbands—this costume molds with you and your creativity.

Switch up your look up by adding Les Belles gender-less Semi Bleu sheers to your outfit and watch every head turn!