How to Put on Tights The Right Way

Unlike most clothing pieces, tights are delicate and many of our followers and first time hosiery users wonder what the best way to put on tights is—yup, without any potential rips or snags. 

What many don’t consider while putting them on is—it really does matter how you do it! Following these 4 easy steps below will guarantee a smoother put on process with no hassle. 

Prep Your Hands.

It’s best to remove any jewelry from your hands before putting tights on. Anything from rings to bracelets can cause rips in your tights & that is one thing you want to avoid. (Tip: Moisturizing your legs before putting on your sheers can also make the process easier!) 

Sit Down. 

This step might just be the most important one! If you try and put on your tights while standing up, it’ll only make the process more difficult and longer as well.

Gather Your Sheers.

Gather each part of your tights until you get to the toe-seam and gently slide each foot into the seam and adjust accordingly.

Pull Up.

The last step and easiest is making sure the bottom half of your tights are almost perfectly aligned with your feet and legs. Now, gently pull them up to your waist and adjust them to your comfort and fit!

Ta-Da! You’re an expert. Check out our video on how to put on tights correctly below and stay tuned for more blog pieces on all things sheers.