Pride Series: Cyril Mercier

Cyril moved to New York for love. In the summer of 2008 the French native locked eyes with his soul mate, Dorian on the streets of New York. After several long years of a long distance relationship, the two married in a beautiful city hall ceremony. Continue below for Cyril’s insight on Pride and what it means to him as queer man.

Pride summed up in three words

Energy, revolution, connection

Who are your pride icons?

I am a big fan of the young adult author Alice Oseman. She writes fiction coming of age stories revolving around growing up queer and all the comes along with it. What's unique about her books is she focuses the story on positivity, light and love that comes with coming out as a young person. Very often when we hear stories of queer youth so much of the narrative revolves around bullying, drug abuse and depression. Being a young queer or coming out isn't always this dark and negative experience the media likes to portray. She’s a great a writer and it's really nice young queer individuals have positive stories to look towards.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I catch my husband looking at me with a little glimmer in his eye. He won't necessarily give me a compliment or say anything but just this loving look. It's a very uplifting feeling catching him in that split moment when his eyes say how much he loves me. It's a small moment but it really makes me feel beautiful. 

What are your plans for pride this year?

The parade can definitely be a lot… I think I'll go for a little bit because I don't want to miss it all together. But most likely I will spend most of it grabbing drinks in our local spot with my closest friends. It's really nice being around like minded people and the overwhelming sense of community.

What does pride mean to you?

My feelings around pride are a little conflicting. Pride is about celebrating how far our community has come and love and respect for one another. But it's a little frustrating how these topics are not celebrated as heavily all the other months of the year. However, it is really nice to see how seriously pride is celebrated in NYC. I grew up in France and met my husband on a vacation to New York eight years ago. Fast forward to 2018 we got married and I moved to NYC two years ago for us to be together. We do have pride in France but it's not nearly the vivacious and loud celebration NY has to offer. So I do really appreciate where NY pride is even if it is only the one month.

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