BELLE TAKE: 4 Fresh Ways Men Can Style Tights

Les Belles is here to support all your style endeavors, regardless of weight, gender, or color; our tights are fluid and make for the perfect outfit staple. 

With colder months falling upon us, hosiery is on the rise and are becoming a popular unisex fashion accessory. Celebrities like Harry Styles are making appearances in tights, from concerts to red carpets, his ensembles are creating a fashion wave of inspiration. 

Les Belles advocates for style being completely universal with no labels. Our sheers are not made to please a single category but to seamlessly fit into endless ones. Without further ado, check out our style guide below for those interested in rocking sheers this season and let’s end the stigma surrounding men in tights. 

 Birthday Suit:

Time to throw your favorite sweats away and bare it all. What better way to lounge than to feel naked but not actually be naked? Our tights are not only made to compliment ensembles but they are go-to’s for days and nights you rather stay in and embody your birthday suit. Click here and discover our our Sheer Noir’s in black and even nude or the perfect amount of stretch and sheerness. 


Layers Are Always In:

Layering pieces has been on a huge come-up. Regardless of the weather, layering your favorite items can uplift any look and this is where our tights come in. You can slip our sheers under or over anything—under your favorite pair of shorts, parents, or joggers for extra warmth. There are no rules with layering other than the ones you create yourself. Go edgy with patterns or classy and pair black sheers with a button down or jacket. Either way, you have the power to make any statement you wish to make. 


Nothing screams trend-setter than taking advantage of accessorizing your look. You can always wear the same outfit as someone else, but the accessories make it you. Tights are a great way to revamp outfits and what’s even better? You can find sheers in every style, color, pattern, and denier. Instead of plain leggings or yoga pants, add a pair of tights to your look and watch your outfit go from plain Jane to main character Jane in an instant. 


Don’t know where to start? Check out these Les Belles Style Tips:

  • Layering tights under a pair of ripped jeans completely elevates your whole outfit.

  • Add nude or black sheers under a pair of shorts for a bold statement and of course, extra warmth.