4 Versatile Ways to Style Tights This Hoiday Season

Tights are always a go-to staple for the holiday season. From soirées to famity gatherings—there are endless styling options that come with Les Belles’ sheers. 

We put together a list of very unique winter outfits featuring our tights so keep reading to discover head-turning holiday ensembles that you can rock all season long. 

Simple Pieces, Statement Look.

Attending a last minute holiday party? No need to worry, this look is easy and chic— making it the perfect go-to. Just pair your favorite oversized sweater with our Sheer or Opaque tights and top the look off with a pair of high-knee boots. Voilà, you’re party ready.


Glimmer, Glimmer, Glimmer 

Want to turn heads at your next get together? Our limited-edition Shimmer tights will do all the work for you. The best part of these sheers is its ability to look great with everything—and we mean everything. Feeling sophisticated? Pair them with a bold blazer and some chic pumps.  Nonetheless, the power is yours and we’re here to support it. Xoxo


If you’re headed somewhere last minute, whether it’s to your grandmas house or a massive party—this look will make you look ready and put together in no time. Pair any shade of sheers under your favorite pair of shorts or pants and top the ensemble look off with a knit sweater and bold low-cuff shoes. Bam, it’s suave time. 


Edgy & Minimal 

This look is for our bold fashionistas. If you love black as much as we do—then this outfit will have you (& everyone else) drooling. Made for ALL ages, all you have to do is style our limited-edition Arc Noir Sheers with a statement black skirt and simple black top. That easy, huh? Yep. Now go strut, belles.