A carefully curated guide on mastering holiday dressing

The most festive time of the year is here. No matter what your plans are, tights are always a good idea. The high elasticity allows for optimal comfort for eating, dancing and all around being merry. We composed a few ideas on how to kiss 2022 away in style and sleigh holiday party dressing. Whether you're a sparkle queen or more cool and casual, we have style tips to suit everyone. 

If you're a ride or die denim kind of person, a denim dress is a fabulous idea. Let a bright pair of tights add a pop of color and create a more festive vibe. The bold red hue of our Semi Rouge is absolutely stunning against a hot pink shoe. Pop on a few vintage crystal brooches to your classic cool denim dress and boom. You’ll be hotter than a cayenne hot coco.
If your plans are leaning a bit more casual this year, maybe a cozy evening at home with a couple friends or family. A chunky graphic sweater and black trousers are very suitable. Add a little more style to this casual look by allowing a pair of Fishnets to peak out around the ankles. A fun party shoe is a great touch, because after all it is still the holidays. Finish this look off with a punch of color on your nails and you’re all set for a cozy comfortable evening.
Channeling the sparkliest Christmas tree topper with this next look. Start with a sequin button down shirt then pair with a cool pair of corduroys and a sleek leather loafer. A super chic leather crossbody is icing on the cake. Pro tip, roll up the cuff on your cords and allow a pair of Shimmer Noir to shine through. This will add the perfect new years kiss to the look.
When dressing for a New Years party, a little [or a lot] of sparkle is a must. Rhinestone embellished cropped jeans are a fabulous way to achieve this. Really punch up the dazzle by allowing a bit of Shimmer Doré to peak out at the ankles. A more muted, but festive, sweater will balance out the look seamlessly. Finish this off with a red nail to match your santa hat and you are all set for a good time. 
Opting for a more low key evening? Love it. Pile on your favorite cozy sweater and a great basic short. Layer a denim button down under the sweater and let the collar peak out. This dresses up the look a bit and adds extra warmth. Finish off the look with French Plaid to give this look the festive burst it needs. Add champagne and enjoy!